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Fred Medel
Rules & Sanctions
Attendee Registration
Tamiya Championship Series Regional Race @ RC Kinetics
Tamiya Championship Series Regional Race @ RC Kinetics
Sun, March 06, 2016

The Tamiya Championship Series is a radio controlled car racing competition that is organized by Tamiya America, Inc. with the regional support of participating hobby retailers throughout the USA. Tamiya America has developed rules and regulations to promote fair competition with the exclusive use of Tamiya branded R/C car and accessory products. The TCS Series is open to any hobbyist, both new and veteran, as a variety of classes are available to choose from. The class structure has a ladder system in place allowing participants the chance to progress through the series and advance as their skill level improves.

Registration: Closed
Event Date
Registration Closes
FEBRUARY 26, 2016 @ 4:00 PM
- Hobby Shop
- Restrooms
Race Facilities
- Repair Services
- Pit Tables
- Electrical Outlets
- Transponders
- Lap Counting System
- Outdoor Off-Road
- Indoor Dirt
- Indoor Carpet
- Indoor Asphalt
RC Kinetics
2739 6th Ave Troy NY, 12180
Troy, NY  USA
event classes
GT-Pro Spec 21.5
GT-Pro Spec 21.5
The GT PRO Spec Class is open to anyone that wants to race head to head with racers of any skill level with equal spec’d race cars and a limited Hop-Up Option selection for the chassis.
Front Wheel Drive 21.5
Front Wheel Drive 21.5
The Tamiya Front Wheel Drive class is open to all participants who enjoy close quarter racing. Since the drive train of the Tamiya FF-03/04 chassis is located in the front, there is only so much power and torque that can be put to the front wheels.
M-Chassis 21.5
M-Chassis 21.5
The M-Chassis class is the most popular in the TCS series. It’s the perfect class to enjoy fun close quarter racing with Tamiya’s simple to tune FWD or RWD M-chassis cars. The class is ideal for intermediate to advanced skill level participants.
Formula 1 25.5
Formula 1 25.5
The Tamiya F-1 class is open to anyone who’s enthusiastic about driving one of Tamiya’s most realistic looking radio control products in a controlled racing environment. Make no mistake, F-1 cars are lightweight, fast and very responsive machines.
GT-3 21.5
GT-3 21.5
The Tamiya GT-3 class is for intermediate skill level racers. It is open to racers who are able to maneuver around a circuit with minimal incidents. The GT-3 class is also the ideal progression from the GT Spec Novice class as the basic fundamentals of racing have been learned.
GT-2 17.5
GT-2 17.5
The Tamiya GT-2 class is for sportsman and advanced skill level racers. GT-2 is exclusive to Tamiya plastic TUB chassis machines.
GT-1 13.5
GT-1 13.5
The Tamiya GT-1 class is the premier touring car class offered in the TCS racing series. It is for “expert” drivers who are capable of driving with great precision at high speeds.
GT-Spec Novice
GT-Spec Novice
The Tamiya GT Spec Novice class is intended for Novice racers. The class is structured to teach the fundamentals of RC Racing.
TCS T-Shirt 2016
TCS T-Shirt 2016
The TCS Event T-shirt is made of 100% cotton. It celebrates the 2016 Season with cool modern graphics!